Our notary’s office provides all notarial services for domestic and foreign companies, investors and private individuals. We develop balanced, clear and secure legal structures which shall last over the long term and serve the interests of all parties involved. We stand for a professional and efficient notarization and implementation of even complex M&A and real estate transactions.
We notarize, inter alia, incorporations and acquisitions of companies and handle capital and other structural measures(mergers, spin-offs, changes of the legal form). We draft testamentary dispositions (wills and testamentary contracts), “anticipated” successions (donations) and company successions. Furthermore, we notarize real estate transactions (private and commercial real estate including real estate development) and credit securities. We notarize in the German and the English language.

Dr. Falko Dittmar, LL.M. (Cambridge)

T +49 (0)511.39 08 97 77

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